Grass Movement | Grassroots activism festival: 7th - 10th September 2017
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Like dandelions and weeds pushing through the cracks in the pavement, grassroots movements push through the cracks in the system to disrupt and create change.

The movement is simple; share, create, ignite and disperse.

At Grassmovement, we want to help you turn your ideas into action. Together we can start to build the world that we want to live in, starting in our homes and communities, from the grassroots up.

The Movement is ours, we just have to make it.
Join us for a weekend of learning, dancing, singing and celebrating.


September 7th – 10th 2017


Addingham Moorside, West Yorkshire

Grassmovement Festival was born out of a love for activism. Being part of mobilisations, mass-movements and actions – we felt invigorated by the feeling that change is slow, but change is coming. Yet when we spoke to our friends, colleagues and associates, we realised that this feeling was something that we felt in isolation. With Grassmovement we want to help everyone have their voice heard, or to work to alleviate some of the issues that they see in society and the world, in whatever capacity they wish.


Alongside this we recognise that there are issues within activism that we also want to address. Burnout and poor wellbeing are huge issues and we want to incorporate ideas of self-care into all the work we do. At the forefront of everything we do is creativity, which has just as much of a place in social movements as economic models and food supplies!


So with these ideas, we decided to create a family-friendly festival, to bring together all walks of life into one space. In this space we could share ideas and skills, create memories and networks, ignite a movement for change and disperse, back to our communities and homes, to share our learnings. The festival will follow this structure, Share, Create, Ignite, Disperse… and we hope to see you there!