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Buy Tickets

Please read the essential information below before purchasing your ticket.

One of our Guiding Principles is that ‘The Future will be Co-created’, this means that the world we want to see will only work if we all work together – one big community. At Grassmovement, we don’t only want this for the planning stages – we want this to be the experience for everyone who attends.

So we created ‘giving time’. We ask that everyone who attends the festival gives 3 hours of their time to the running of the festival community. You can choose your preferred team and shift and we will do our best to work for you. This way everyone who attends the festival contributes to making it happen, as well as having an opportunity to meet new people. Communities work when everyone to takes part, this is the idea that we are exploring, and we hope that you want to explore it with us.


Please select your giving time slot on the check-out page when you register. Teams include stewarding, gate, site crew, kitchen crew and no preference. You will be given your allocated shift at wristband collection when you arrive.


When you reach the checkout you will see an option to donate to the Gaskell Garden Project. The Gaskell Garden Project (GGP) is a grassroots project working with individuals who are seeking asylum and refuge in Manchester and the UK. Grassmovement is working closely with GGP and we want to help them raise enough money to be able to support some of their service-users to come to the festival. A key part of advancing the social and emotional well-being of local refugee and asylum seekers is providing opportunities for integration. We hope to be able to provide this through a weekend of togetherness.


If you donate your money will go towards covering the cost of entry and camping equipment. Any extra money that we raise will go back to GGP to help them to fund the fantastic work they are doing with refugees and asylum-seekers and across Manchester.