Grass Movement | Ethics
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We operate a safe space policy which aims to create an open and welcoming environment for all. Placing an emphasis on compassion and inclusivity,
we hope to encourage conversations around subjects which are difficult to discuss and often brushed aside (or neglected completely), both in mainstream media and in our wider societies.

We embrace dialogues around issues pertaining to racism, homophobia, biphobia, sexism, transphobia, disablism or prejudice based on age, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender presentation, language ability, immigration status or religious affiliation.

Opening up these dialogues is essential for the creation of new (re)solutions to the iniquities faced by so many day-today, together we can begin to implement actions that will shape our future societies for the better.

We aim to be as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible, and strongly encourage our participants to pay close attention to recycling, consuming ethical and locally sourced food and producing as little carbon emissions as possible.