Grass Movement | Guiding Principles
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Guiding Principles

Creativity is Key

At Grassmovement we believe creativity is an essential part of our identity formation process – not to mention to our ability to express ourselves and have fun! As well as exploring creativity in activism we want to celebrate creativity for the sake of creativity, and encourage anyone who feels they want to, to join a singing workshop, dance like they’ve never felt comfortable or learn to draw for the first time.

Holistic narratives for change

We want to incorporate discussions about the future we want to see, and the way in which we can create that, with action surrounding self and community care and wellbeing. Too many good campaigns have fallen flat because self and community care is not a priority and we hope to shed light on ways to change that.

Young Voices Matter

Young adults, young people and children will inherit this earth and we want to establish dialogue with the very people whose opinions are often discounted. At Grassmovement we do not recognise age-hierarchy and we invite you to do the same! By incorporating young people and children into the planning process we have tried to make the festival as welcoming and inclusive as possible – come along and find out for yourselves.

All Voices Matter

Whilst we have a strong focus on young voices because we feel there is a huge gap in society where young people are not being heard; we strongly believe that all voices are equal.

The future will be co-created

At Grassmovement we believe that the future will be co-created and we are mirroring that in the way we run. We are built from a community of people who love what we’re about, want to get involved or just want to get involved in something new. We get together three times a year for planning meetings, in which all ideas are heard and then actioned by the working groups that participants create, and the group of core coordinators that are the cogs behind the machine. The festival was started by a few people talking, and has become the ideas of everyone who participates. In line with this we ask everyone who attends to carry out three giving hours, these are three hours throughout the weekend where you give your time to the running of the festival. This could be helping to cook, stewarding or helping on site. By this we are exploring ideas of community, whereby everyone who attends helps to make the magic happen. If you would like to get involved in the planning meetings, please see the get involved tab.


We operate on a not-for-profit basis, and have invited grassroots groups to take-on certain responsibilities to allow them to raise funds for their projects. Any profit that the festival makes will go back into future festivals, with sustainability of our movement being a key part of the project. If you have any suggestions or your grassroots group would like to get involved, send us an email to find out how.