Grass Movement | Workshops & Spaces
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Workshops & Spaces

At Grassmovement we want to turn ideas into action, and we hope that our fine selection of workshops will help you to do just that.

Workshops are inclusive and welcoming and no prior knowledge is necessary – go ahead, try something new or something you love <3

More information coming soon…

Permaculture Area with The Gaskell Garden Project

We are so very excited to announce that Manchester’s own, The Gaskell Garden Project (GGP) will be hosting a space and giving workshops at Grassmovement this year. In Manchester, GGP aims to create a creative, safe and accessible garden space where they can advance the social and emotional well-being of local refugee and asylum seekers. The project aims to combat isolation by providing a social platform for local people seeking refuge in the Rusholme/Moss Side/Fallowfield area to meet with the local community through permaculture gardening. This fantastic project aims to promote cultural cohesion amongst the local community by providing inspiring and engaging workshops in sustainability, food sharing and employment skills. Through their work they improve the local environment by encouraging biodiversity, providing new habitats and recycling/upcycling local waste materials and food that would otherwise go to landfill.

  • Permaculture Design
  • Urban/Vertical Growing
  • Natural Farming
  • Soil Regeneration
  • Your Human Rights


  • How to Start a Campaign
  • Direct Action 101 with Reclaim the Power
  • Smashing Rigs and Bashing Fascists: In Defence of Violence?
  • End Deportation: How to stop charter flights
  • Exploring Power through Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Setting up a tree planting co-op with Treesponsibility
  • The power of co-ops – Treesponsibility
  • What’s Queer got to do with it?
  • A transitioning climate: Conversations with trans people about earth, power and activism
    Police Spies Out of Lives
    The Outside Project – creating the first LGBTIQ+ shelter in London

Healing Area

  • Yoga with Emma Leaf
  • Healing with Linda King
  • Meditation with Jonny
  • Massage and Therapies (donation required)

The Playground

  • Exploring Conscious Movement – Michael Ritchie
  • Reaching Ecstasy through play
  • Cyclops Pedal Power
  • Pedal-powered games and generator building for kids and adults
  • Kids Area
  • Creche
  • Drama Games
  • Woodwork and Forest Skills
  • T-shirt printing
  • Making Bad News Good: Creative Writing to Counter the Mainstream
  • Creative writing for all ages


  • ‘The Vagina Space’ by Bleedout Theatre Company

Talks in the Tipi

  • Movement Building and The Power of the North – James Walsh
  • Trade Justice – Maia and Sakina
  • How we can own and use technology to collaborate and share – Bob Thorp
  • The Rolling Resistance – Stories from the Fracking Frontlines